Lawanzer R. Smith


It is truly an honor and privilege to serve as the principal of Chapel Hill Elementary School (CHES)! I value the shared responsibility of education between home and school immensely. My passion, in fact my calling is simple and crystal clear. It is “children”! The love of children, the education of children, the safety of children, the smiles of children and the whole development of children is what drives, guides and inspires me daily!

As principal, my mission is to present Chapel Hill Elementary School as a highly effective, productive and positive learning environment that:

* values the partnership of teachers, parents, and the community through a consistent practice of shared goals, shared decisions, and shared responsibility.

* staffs the school with highly qualified and effective teachers who are passionate about student success and who are committed to continuous professional growth.

* provides ample opportunities for all students to gain knowledge to the best of their ability, effort, and interest in a standard’s based, engaging, rigorous, relevant, and safe learning environment.

* requires students to apply knowledge and critical thinking to solve real life problems to function in the world around him/her.

* motivates students to become lifelong learners who find valuable lessons in life experiences.

* encourages students’ participation in community service activities that are designed to help students understand the importance of helping others and making a difference in the world around them.

Know that as a member of the CHES community, you are a valued family member, “we support and advocate for one another”. Our daily focus is solely on OUR most prized possessions; “YOUR child(ren)”. As CHES students’ academic progress is our top priority, let’s work together to forge and sustain a positive, productive and powerful partnership that will enhance a school community that is conducive to our students’ academic achievement and progress!

Yours in service and partnership,

Principal Lawanzer Smith

“We Just Can’t Hide Our Panther Pride…ROAR!”

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