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Chapel Hill Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Registration & Withdrawals

 -New Student Registration
*A new student is an incoming kindergartener -OR- one who is transferring from another school district.
Part One:
  1. Click here to complete the online registration.  
  2. You will be emailed an approval letter within 2-3 days with a confirmation code. Email the confirmation code to: [email protected] 
Part Two:
  1. After you have registered and received your confirmation code, please use the link below to complete the school enrollment process (new students only) 

-Returning/Transferring Students

*A returning student is one who attended Chapel Hill Elementary last school year (2022-2023). 

*A transferring student is one who attended a DCSD school last school year (2022-2023).

Follow the steps below to complete registration.

Part One:
  1. Click here to complete the student registration form. 
  2. Submit a copy/picture of government-issued ID
  3. Submit a copy/picture of 1 current (30 days) proof of residence; water, power or gas with full name and address displayed. Click here for the affidavit form.
  4. Email all documentation to [email protected]  
Part Two
After you have updated your child's registration, please use the link below to complete the school enrollment process.  

1. Click here to complete the Pre-K Waitlist form.
2. Print or save the completed copy of the Pre-K Waitlist Form. 
4. Email a copy of the form to [email protected].

-Steps to Withdraw Your Child   Click here